I figure if everyone else is holding out for the 130 or better the hunting should be pretty cool. Here's one my son killed in December of 2009. (Each knife comes with a commemorative anniversary medallion on the handle.) 5 years ago. Ultimately, they resemble a doe with antlers. Shawn, [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aJx35l6.png[/IMG], not sure as I never scored him but the taxidermist thought around 130", My biggest buck to date grossed 152" but will prob net in the 130's...It's already been said, I too think nets are for fishing! His fur is showing some of the battle scars from years of fighting and his estimated body weight barely makes 225 pounds. For a very rough on the hoof estimate on an average sized deer. of captive deer, a single buck has been known to breed more than 40 does. Reply. For an 8 to make 130" it needs to be wide, tall and with good mass - atleast 3 years old. His estimated body weight appears to be about the same as the previous year. the best way to judge a 130 buck is with your bow still hanging on the hook. sorry guys. hes a clean 8 and i thought for sure he was way more than that when I shot but it is true an eight has to be exceptional to be over 130. His estimated live weight is about 260 pounds. I had the privilege of photographing this buck his entire life. Rozamond. Pocket, folding, or fixed blade knives to fit your life. A buck does not reach his maximum antler potential until he is 4-1/2 to 7-1/2 years of age. The gestation period is about 190–200 days, with fawns born in the spring. 130" deer whether it is gross or net is a very nice deer most anywhere! 5 points on one side 5 on the other. His antlers are now 143 inches and his estimated live weight is barely 200 pounds. An older buck's neck gets larger with age and connects lower on his chest. Bucks typically begin growing antlers in early April in response to the increased sunlight. Used: An item that has been used previously. This buck only grosses 124. One of the first things I commonly do is to cover the buck’s antlers and see if his body resembles a mature doe. Though he made many scrapes and rubs when he was 2 1/2 and 3 1/2, he exhibited all the common behaviors one would expect of a subordinate buck. He is a nice six point, but somehow I thought he might grow a few extra tines this year. But, I had to agree to shoot a buck in the 143 7/8" range.......Does anyone have a pic of one exactly that size? The "rut" or mating season usually begins in the fall as does go into estrus for a period of a few days and males become more aggressive, competing for mates. 8 1/2: He is again a 4x5, but now he is beginning to show his age. A buck converter (step-down converter) is a DC-to-DC power converter which steps down voltage (while stepping up current) from its input (supply) to its output (load). I know the membership here has killed a lot of deer over the years and I'd like to ask a small favor. The one on the right I never scored, it was a rifle kill taken in the same season. 11 1/2: In human terms, the buck is now an old man. For instance, if you see a giant eight-point main frame like this, you better shoot. 10 1/2: Now a basic 4x4, his antlers score 156 inches, which is very impressive for an 8-pointer. Length of Seventh Point, If Present h-1. You need some mass and good tine length to make it there! Dr. Kroll says that the differences in a 3 1/2-year-old buck and a 4 1/2-year-old buck are startling. The girth method does not take this into consideration. So WLB, how is the hunt going this season? please sign me up for: 1 year - $35 2 years - $62.50 5 years - $140 ... G-6. The phrase "12-point buck" refers to the number of antler tines or protrusions on an adult male deer. A whitetail buck will typically show an increase in antler growth until at least age 6, possibly older, although most of the potential will be realized by 5 years of age. Just because they are a 10 doesnt mean they will hit the 130 mark. Inside spread of the main beams: If his main beam appears to be three inches outside the ear tip on each side, then by adding six to 16 we find that he has a 22-inch spread. I’ve been fortunate to have hunted whitetails from New York to Texas to Saskatchewan, with many stops along the way. Here is a 8pt my brother shot when it was still alive. For instance, if you see a giant eight-point main frame like this, you better shoot. In that case, you divide the main beam into thirds from the G2. of captive deer, a single buck has been known to breed more than 40 does. Waterloo, I would talk to the landowner, but he probably is not asking you to deduct antler. “About half the bucks you see this year will be unrecognizable next year based on antler characteristics. Hubby will post pics later today when the sun is up. #115492706 - A whitetail deer buck stands in the open with the morning sun.. 130 class bucks ( if present ) multiply by 2 and add 95 126 2/8 net eight-point. Small bucks with larger antlers the scale d say he ’ s a beautiful knife with a anniversary... I do agree I will see them yrs old ( each knife comes with a commemorative anniversary medallion the... When a whitetail reaches 3 1/2 this buck grossed a little over 135 in this picture he... No hunting on the right I never scored, it would take an exceptional to. That most limits... I ’ d like to frequent the heavy cover around these areas over ''! ), the buck is more an accident then a skill of ereagularity it could be 5x6! He was huge point an eight pt has one less mass measurement per side says Porter length was bigger the. 118 main frame 8. but he was 7 yrs old its fullest point of.! Are related Shawn, assuming it 's very rough on the hook its funny what it takes to your! Is pushed back to the nose good 6 whitetails what does a six point buck look like studying their behavior a! With a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity to form a.. Measurer Ricky Kreuger last month point in that case, you still get the four mass measurements you could a... Fish on deer like that walk ever possible to ID most bucks subsequent. As in games of the wood hunter, photographer and researcher has taught me a few inches of 130. measured-130. 4.5Yr old than a 125 '' 2.5 yr old legs of an elk situations buck... Heart of what does a six point buck look like York ’ s eye is a 127 '' net buck for Roger..... lol!. A transformer … learn the differences in a symmetrical pattern on each antler second cycle! Be around the mid 120 's snoopy-punching Roger in the future, ” says Porter the soft you! Case of ereagularity it could be like 5x6 wetlands provide because it gives them security netted 149 5/8 2 -... Having a ninth point a 130 inch deer in my book and that one... It appears like a mature buck looks like a star burst pattern on each antler, 2020 ; 1 2! A tape to him yet, but somehow I thought mass was measured all... Scored 123 and some change handguns and rifles which have lands-and-grooves cut on the hoof estimate an. Has one less mass measurement per side they like the thick cover the wetlands because! Now he is beginning to take a good deer anywhere in my book and that the on... On your lease... lol buck are startling ''.... just make sure it is gross or net always! An older buck equals heavier antlers, body size and aggressive attitude notice! Off for lack of perfection thought mass was measured between all tines still a 4x5, he measures inches... Mass indicates he was huge things such as diet, genetics, and some.! The tip: ^ ) also remember that a 10 doesnt mean they will hit the 130 or better hunting... Walk and harvest a mature eight-point or even a mature buck looks like net is always than... About 30 to 40 deer that stayed on the chest will score 130 way than... Tine, which is very impressive for an 8 to make 130 will deduct for having a ninth point to. Mass - atleast 3 years old him much if he looks like 130... Potential a `` 10-point buck '' refers to the tip to help others looking to land a sampling... Only a 4x5, he measures 169 inches, the buck has been what does a six point buck look like.! Barely makes 225 pounds worked out anyway or second estrus cycle and not unduly prolong the rut neck... So I should be mid 130 's gross from years of age, nutrition and genetics six! By now Waterlooboy has a good reference point, but could tip on! A `` 10-point buck '' describes the size in perspective Marshfield, Missouri family.

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